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Dawn has been a fantastic colleague, always energetic, inspirational and motivating to work with. Dawn has an amazing ability to oversee projects and structure the time spent on each area of work. — Jan Jepsen, Owner of In Touch Representation

About Dawn..

About Dawn..

Hi! My name is Dawn Barton and I have mentored and motivated people throughout my career... Read More..

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Trying to work out if you are liked and where you fit in?What happens when you feel that someone doesn’t like you? An entire room of people may like you, but if just one person doesn’t, do you switch your entire focus trying to convince them you are a nice person, zapping energy out of you like a slow leak in an inflated balloon? If you are worrying about who likes you and who doesn’t, you may as well be trying to juggle with a half dozen koalas.

Worrying about people liking you and tossing a whole bunch of koala’s around is senseless, and draining, because koalas don’t like to be thrown and all people are not going to like you all the time. It is not empowering or constructive, and it destroys your focus.

So what we have here is a problem: Whilst you are trying to please everyone, all of the time, you are wasting energy trying to please the wrong people and the only person you need to please YOU is drained all the energy you need to make you the person you want to be.

So why do YOU behave like this? Have you ever met someone and you felt your soul rejoice because this person just laughed at your jokes, and was immediately sympathetic to your plights? What a gift! And you might ask yourself “Why can’t everyone be this way?” Then again have you ever met someone, who you felt like you just couldn’t get through to, and it felt like they were from some alien planet?

A lot of people might react to this situation by thinking, ‘I have to get this person to like me’. And whilst you undertake the impossible task of trying to get everyone to like you, you are simply wasting time and energy, which could be used to focus on your real dreams and goals. This need to be liked comes from your subconscious mind and may be the result of a past painful experience that you either had or witnessed someone you love had.

Meaning: Being open minded is crucial for learning, and accepting there are always going to be people who do not resonate with you, reduces your burden and helps you to focus on what you really need to, YOU.

So what next?: Bill Cosby is famous for saying that he doesn’t know what the key to success is, but he does know that trying to please everyone all the time is the key to failure. A very smart man, that Bill Cosby, because when you know what your own goals are you will be much more likely to attract people with the same goals and strengths as you. By giving up this need to please others, you will be free to focus all that energy to go for what you really want.

Ask yourself, what is it about me that the people I am already friends with like about me? Get to know your own strengths, thoughts and goals, and in doing so you release the need to convert all those people who don’t like you, and you can now adopt a live and let live attitude. Each to their own; You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Quite often, this need to please everyone stems from your subconscious. To be rid of this impossible need to please, contact Dawn Barton whose main focus in life is freeing the subconscious from the negative, and helping to reprogram the powerhouse that is within your subconscious to soar to unbelievably successful heights.

Dawn Barton is a specialist in dealing with mental self-sabotage through retraining the subconscious mind of Individuals and business owners.

Indigo Kinetics NLP is a business devoted to training individuals and businesses in the UK to become mentally better equipped for the challenges they face in their professional and private lives. Dawn uses practical applications of performance strategies to sustain and to increase enjoyment across all aspects of people’s lives.

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