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Customer Reviews

Without Dawn controlling the administration, procedures etc., of Choice Hotels, not only would the sales managers have failed, but also those more senior in the company would not have been able to function. Dawn is a real team player and fun to work and socialise with. — Kerry Volante, Sales Manager

About Dawn..

About Dawn..

Hi! My name is Dawn Barton and I have mentored and motivated people throughout my career... Read More..

Free Lunch Time Taster Session

What is NLP?
Neuro Linguistic Programming Is defined as a practical model of the processes we use to experience reality.

How will it benefit me and my company?
NLP when incorporated into training has remarkable results. With improved productivity, better staff retention, and an engaged, enthusiastic and loyal workforce, you can expect to see less spend on recruitment, absenteeism, disciplinary issues and customer complaints.

What is a Taster Session?
A taster session is a brief insight in to NLP and the practical application of how it can improve communication skills. A lunch time taster session lasts 20 – 25 minutes and we can run four sessions during a typical lunch period between 12:00 – 14:00.

WhaPrint quality United Team Celebrating Success 134115438t will I need to provide?
• An empty room with theatre style seating for up to ten people plus the trainer and a flip chart (if possible).
• A commitment from yourself & your staff to come along during the lunch break.

What will Indigo Kinetics NLP Deliver in the session?
We will explain what NLP is, how it works and how you and your staff can use it to improve your communication skills, with each other and with your customers.

We will conduct a practical exercise to demonstrate how our internal thought processes affect our physiology and how these two components affect our relationships with colleagues and customers.

Once you and your staff have experienced a free taster session you will see how NLP can work for you and why you should include NLP Communication Workshops in your staff training budget moving forward.

Changing the mind set of your team, at all levels, will have a profound and positive effect on your productivity & staff morale.

If you are serious about making fast effective change in the workplace, that by its very nature creates a good team ethos, that drives productivity and profit, book your free sessions now!