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Customer Reviews

Dawn has been a fantastic colleague, always energetic, inspirational and motivating to work with. Dawn has an amazing ability to oversee projects and structure the time spent on each area of work. — Jan Jepsen, Owner of In Touch Representation

About Dawn..

About Dawn..

Hi! My name is Dawn Barton and I have mentored and motivated people throughout my career... Read More..


Indigo Kinetics NLP offer a range of Personal Coaching Programmes and Bespoke Training Packages to cover just about any situation.

Dawn Barton is a qualified Business and Life coach and specialises in 179512075 STORMcoaching Communication and Confidence skills on a 1-2-1 or group basis.

Training and coaching programmes can be as diverse as the people who turn to them. And their reasons can be even more diverse.

The coaching and training plans we build together depend entirely on what you want to achieve and will be designed around the questions you want answers to – you are the one in control:

  • Being out of work is affecting my health – I feel so useless!
  • I am fed up with the politics at work – how can I change the way it makes me feel?
  • How can I stop getting so stressed about everything?
  • I am not in control of my life, how do I stop feeling so Helpless?
  • I wish I didn’t care so much about what other people think of me.
  • I get so angry about everything. What can I do about being angry all the time?

..and the list goes on…. what would you change about your life and/or work if you could?

153871651 SERENITYOur lives become the way they are because of the decisions we make which if made often enough become habits. The difference between what we are currently doing and what we are capable of doing is not so big, all it takes is a step in the right direction.               

To discuss a coaching or training plan designed specifically for you or to arrange a free consultation, please contact Dawn Barton.  07910 275 895