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Customer Reviews

The training was fun, informative and easy to understand, the team learnt so much about understanding how to build rapport with the clients that I saw an almost instant change of attitude. If you are looking to facilitate change in the workplace Indigo Kinetics NLP come highly recommended. — Shiobhan Rosier, Owner of Harmony Hair & Beauty

About Dawn..

About Dawn..

Hi! My name is Dawn Barton and I have mentored and motivated people throughout my career... Read More..

The Science of NLP


For many years mainstream medicine and science believed that brain anatomy was fixed, and that when brain cells failed or were injured they could not be replaced.  Since the brain could not change, human nature which emerges from it is fixed and unalterable as well.

In the 1960s/70s a group of scientists made amazing discoveries which has thrown this past theory into disarray. They discovered that the brain does indeed change itself and when certain parts become damaged other parts of the brain take over the function. The scientists gave this process a name “Neuroplasticity” – Neuro as in “neuron” and Plastic as in “changeable, malleable, and modifiable.”

Science has made huge leaps with this knowledge and it is now irrefutable that neurology is responsible for every physical and emotional process we do. Whether it is learning to walk, talk and speak or learn how to be angry, sad, happy or joyful, our brain has the most profound ability to change itself to accommodate changes in our physiology and psychology.